Inbound Marketing

From awareness to conversion, we use SEO, social media, and content marketing to attract qualified segments and customers towards your point of sale. 

Strategy & Planning

We identify search trends to assess what search terms we want active seekers to find our clients with, as well as guide us in the creation of content marketing. This is so we can address the problems and needs of the end customer, with the intent of attracting qualified prospects, while building brand trust and credibility.

Content Development

The content effort is dependent on the insights and research from the search trends. This helps us understand the questions, concerns, and pain points of the customer. We use this data to create engaging video, audio, and text based content that is evenly spread among the the layers around hero, hub, and help content.


We turn to C2 to help us understand the customer’s search intent, create content that varies across the buyer decision journey, track campaigns around building brand advocacy, personalize messages based on fan engagement, and convert participants in a multichannel format.

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