Social Media Marketing

The attention economy demands that every company instil a presence on social to reach the next generation of customers and segments.


We help brands find the platforms that will drive awareness, consideration, and conversions.


The world’s most underpriced ecosystem of social media is where we help products become brands.


The second largest search engine in the world after Google, YouTube is where content creators are born and barriers are torn down. With pricing at 20% of running the adverts on TV; this is one of the best platform for brand awareness especially marketing to generation Z.


Part of the Facebook ecosystem of underpriced impressions, Instagram has been instrumental with helping our clients communicate their value driven offers.


Whether you are the president of a country or a brand connecting to your consumers. Using twitter is imperative for two way communications. Without a strategy and thought behind; your brand can quickly alienate or win consumers. Work with professionals, work with Centric.

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