Strategic Marketing

Not all channels are born equal to every brand. We map the customer journey to advertise where the attention is and then use a range of display marketing formats to communicate engage prospects throughout the buyer decision journey.

Programmatic Buying

We help brands deliver targeted messages to customer segments dispersed across the buyer decision journey with advanced marketing strategies to rope in consumers.

Publisher Network

To ensure your brand appears at the peak season; buying from publishers directly bypassing exchanges is necessary. We work with most of the popular publishers in the region to ensure the right brand exposure.


Loyal customers and intent based visitors are reminded of what they could have.This type of marketing is normally conducted where the brand wants the consumer to take a specific action; whether filling in the lead form or buying a product.

Advanced re-marketing techniques with abandon cart strategies; dicounting and timing ensure high conversion rates.


Our reach is broader than Google. Not only we one of very few companies using Google network but add to it; the publisher network and programmatic buying and we can deliver upward of 500 Million impressions a day. That's the whole region seeing your ad twice every day !


The world’s best search engine is a place where your site must have a presence. Work with us to make execute strategies that ensure top of mind recall.

Google Display

Our digital media planners find the in market segments that relate best to your customer profile and send them targeted messages via the Google Display Network.

Google Remarketing

After a visitor lands on your site or digital asset, we use pixels to remarket to them across the the web, ensuring impression frequency matches purchase insights.

Gmail Sponsored Promotion

Remember those ads above your inbox? That’s us. We tap into the Google ecosystem and its artificial intelligence to market the product that your meta data reflects is at the top of your customer’s mind. Next time your potential customer is talking to your competitor via gmail; show them that you are there as well.

Product Listing Ads

With Google launching its product listing ads in the region in 2017; Centric is one of the first agencies to start using it and delivering results to its eCommerce clients.

Google Mobile

Brand on the go ? Use mobile marketing. You can not sell an apartment on mobile but you can convince a person to have lunch at your restaurant. Talk to our strategists today to see how we can optimize this channel for you.

YouTube Promotions

Run your ads before the most watched YouTube videos in your region to reach the customers that need your services the most. Reach five times the customers at 20% of the ATL cost.

Mobile Application Install

Drive app installations with ads that reach your target segments Not sure how it will work; how about we cut you a deal to pay per download ? We are confident of our marketing team; are you confident that your application has enough vitality and stickiness to keep consumers engaged ?

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