Inbound Marketing

Be an invited guest, not a gatecrasher at your customer’s digital universe.

Inbound marketing is attracting potential customers by earning their interest. Sounds complicated? Don’t let the heavy jargons fool you. We make inbound marketing fun, easy and effective for our clients and their customers. Unlike traditional outbound marketing techniques – you know those pesky banner ads, pop-up ads, pre-roll videos, emailers of things you are not interested in, which continued to be intrusive like your TV and radio ads; inbound marketing has been all about putting the needs of the consumers first.

At Centric, we believe in respecting both customers and clients. Inbound marketing is permission seeking and thereby not intrusive. Data and insights are collected without disrupting the user experience or their privacy. We use the power of insightful content to earn the interest of customers to initiate conversations that evolve into long-term relationships. We understand that better data and insights lead to better leads which in turn lead to better business and greater understanding of customers.

We definitely take the whole ‘earning customer interest’ philosophy very seriously. Maybe, that’s why we are the only agency in the GCC with eight inbound marketing certified professionals.

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